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Building Better

3D construction, digital twinning, advanced materials and design are combining to innovate everything physical. From roads to utility grids, from bridges to buildings, technologies are remaking built environments, creating cleaner, greener, more affordable zero waste cities. Circular urban economies are reducing the pressure on natural systems and enhancing the livability and adaptiveness of communities.

Speakers in Building Better


  • Innovation in Aerospace and Defense – May 31, 3pm
  • How Not to Destroy the Future and Manufacture Godzillas – June 02, 11am
  • Building Better Meetup – June 02, 11am
  • Driving SDG Impact: Innovators & Entrepreneurs – June 01, 10am
  • Innovation to Help the Construction Industry Build More Sustainably – June 01, 1pm
  • Embodied Carbon and Indigenous Practices – June 01, 9am