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Clean Tech

Pathways to net zero are being paved globally with a range of renewables, carbon-based and clean energy solutions. Advanced materials that are stronger and lighter, new and natural chemical applications and polymers, and novel processes that underpin the future economy are adapting and borrowing lessons from sustainable natural systems.

Speakers in Clean Tech


  • From Earth to Mars and Back Again: Using Deep Tech to Solve Energy Challenges – May 31, 1pm
  • Biofuels Scaling Up – June 02, 10am
  • Next Generation Nuclear for Net Zero Economy – May 31, 2pm
  • CleanTech Meetup – June 02, 11am
  • Bitumen Beyond Combustion: Moving Towards Commercialization – June 02, 10am
  • CCUS and Carbon Removal Technologies: International Context and Actions – June 01, 1pm
  • Removing Barriers Towards a Hydrogen Economy – June 01, 2pm
  • Energy Security and Net Zero Emission – June 01, 9am
  • Angel Investing in Alberta’s Cleantech Sector – June 02, 9am
  • Can Vertical Farming Save Us As Climates Change? – June 02, 9am
  • Startup Pitch Event: Clean Tech – June 01, 3pm