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Future of Work

Hybrid norms are reshaping workplaces into workspaces as digital nomads turn ‘here and now’ into ‘anywhere and anytime’. Work and life are blending into empowering experiences that put social entrepreneurship and conscious consumerism at the heart of sustainable local and global ventures.

Speakers in Future of Work


  • Discovering Flow: Boosting Your Performance with Increased Productivity, Creativity, and Motivation – June 02, 11am
  • Doing More With A Smaller Team – June 01, 2pm
  • Scaling Startups – May 31, 10am
  • Creating Meaningful Connections In The Time of Hybrid Work – May 31, 3pm
  • Becoming a Resilient Leader: A Dialog with Rhonda Hall and Chris Shipley – June 01, 10am
  • Startup Pitch Event: Future of Work – June 01, 10am