High tech meets high touch
The future of work is now. Digitization and the rapid advancement and adoption of technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics, have sparked radical shifts in how we live and work. The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated these trends beyond what anyone could have imagined.

Employers have been forced to adopt more digital and automated solutions practically overnight, as organizations sought to severely limit, or end, human interaction to stop the spread of COVID. A recent McKinsey study found that since early 2020, 85% of companies accelerated the digitization of their businesses, while 67% sped up their use of automation and artificial intelligence, and 45% expect to increase hiring for positions involving digital learning and agile working.

Changing the way work gets done
One area that’s expected to grow enormously is the use of virtual and augmented reality, as fewer employees work at the same location. Many companies are already using VR technologies for training, telemedicine and team building events.

Decision intelligence (DI) is one of the newest artificial intelligence concepts that takes many current business optimization processes a step farther, by using AI models to analyze wide-ranging sets of data. These analyses are used to predict future outcomes that guide decision-making for everything from products to customers to supply chains.

In addition to rapidly evolving technology, the way work gets done is being impacted by hybrid work choices that are shifting how and where talent, communities and commerce converge. Time and distance are no longer barriers to real-time collaboration. Virtual meetings, where both participants and physical objects such as product prototypes are represented as photorealistic holograms, will soon become the norm, further humanizing the remote teamwork experience.

The nomadic workforce
The pandemic has allowed workers to rethink their careers, work conditions and long-term goals, contributing to the “Great Resignation” trend. Capital follows talent, and talent is prioritizing purpose, diversity and inclusion. As myriad options for digital nomads emerge, so are radical innovations in technologies, communication systems and the nature of work itself. The digital shakeup of services and supply networks is creating a new era of entrepreneurship as interdisciplinary sciences and skills gain steam.

Now more than ever, organizations face unprecedented challenges in an economy dominated by rapid technological advances, intensifying societal change and fast-shifting consumer demands. The ability to transform corporate culture and the ‘experience of work’ is becoming essential for survival and success.

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