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Health Innovation

Life expectancy is increasing steadily due in part to leaps in medical science. Putting ‘healthy’ at the heart of a longer life has medical and other disciplines collaborating to transform lifelong care networks based on genomics, social determinants, precision medicine, pharma advancements and interconnected data trusts.

Speakers in Health Innovation


  • Health Innovation Meetup – June 02, 9am
  • Future of thought: BCI and the Data in your Head – June 01, 3pm
  • Creating New Value For Healthy Aging and Quality of Life For Older Adults – June 01, 1pm
  • Home is Where the Health Is: How Digital Innovation is Decentralizing Healthcare – May 31, 1pm
  • Finding the right partner for your MedTech Startup – June 02, 11am
  • Startup Pitch Event: Health Innovation – June 01, 2pm