Making the impossible, possible
The 1960s race for the moon spurred an explosion of technologies for everyday life. As countries and companies continue to stretch for the stars, innovation is driving every mission. The moonshot mindset is motivating teams to achieve breakthroughs in quantum computing, fuel and propulsion, AI/ML, drones, logistics, data diagnostics and communications technologies. These extraordinary and everyday advancements are generating applications to make life on earth more sustainable, and life in space more possible.

The moonshot mindset is about bringing to the table new methods and disruptive tactics that can help solve society’s biggest problems. It’s based on the realization that we cannot attain the massive, positive change we want to see in the world using the same old methods.

A fast-forward world
Today more than ever, change is the only constant, and the combined rate, intensity and unpredictability of change is increasing. As a consequence, we are seeing a radical departure from incremental innovation. Instead, organizations large and small are intentionally setting extremely ambitious innovation objectives, where incremental innovation cannot get the job done. From the original Apollo mission, to the first IBM 360 mainframe computer, to Google X, to the COVID-19 vaccine, more organizations are developing coherent approaches to creating and executing moonshots.

Moonshots live in the grey area between audacious technology and pure science fiction. Instead of a mere 10% gain, a moonshot aims for a 10x improvement over what currently exists. The combination of a huge problem, a radical solution to that problem and the breakthrough technology that just might make that solution possible, is the essence of a moonshot.

Data-driven disruption
A major driving force enabling innovators to tackle moonshots is the incredible advancement in data science and AI. Human progress depends on the collection and analysis of data. The volumes of data created, captured and replicated are growing at a rapid pace – small data, big data, real-time data. Ongoing digitization, the impact of new technologies and a data-driven economy are contributors to this exponential growth.

Data is the new global currency. The wide spectrum of intelligent automation and algorithmic learning technologies represents a powerful and adaptive strategic platform. Fuelling it all is data, with an estimated 20 billion active IoT (internet of things) devices in use. There are far more consumer and business devices and applications than there are humans, all constantly producing, accessing and sharing data. This trend has brought with it an increased urgency to create impenetrable security systems for global trade, banking, communications, transportation and consumer product supply chains.

Learn from the creators and entrepreneurs who are on the forefront of disruptive innovation as part of the Mission-Critical Moonshots knowledge track at Inventures 2022.



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