Transform your business with insights from emerging technologies and trends.

Inventures is a valued knowledge hub for industry and government leaders who are charting new territory in emerging and transforming industries, from finance and energy, to health and agriculture. It provides multiple venues for discovery, sharing and deeper learning for senior managers, policy makers and business advisors to inform and guide decision making.

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Inventures features a number of curated content tracks for you to explore the latest breakthroughs in emerging technology and learn about their practical application to solve real-world problems. Gain insights from the experts who are leading the data revolution across multiple sectors. Learn how Generative AI, quantum computing and machine learning can help your organization enhance efficiency, foster innovation, and deliver improved ROI. Explore the ever-changing relationships between humans and technology and how they are shaping the new world of work. Discover how emerging technologies are transforming everything from healthcare delivery and clean energy production to the way we monitor crops and livestock.

Inventures isn’t just an event. It’s a dynamic platform designed to nurture relationships that fuel growth and innovation. It’s a catalyst for commercializing innovation, fostering collaborations, and driving meaningful change. By learning about Alberta’s innovation ecosystem, expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and extensive collaborative network, you gain a competitive edge, ensuring your industry comes to the table with solutions.

Be a part of Inventures and propel your business towards a future defined by innovation, collaboration, and success!