Unicorns or gazelles, Inventures will connect you with Alberta’s top innovators

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Inventures 2024 is that exceptional junction where innovation converges with opportunity. Inventures 2024 is where the future takes shape and where you might just discover the next unicorn. Dive into this world of boundless potential, connect with global visionaries, and leave with the keys to success.

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Unmissable Deal Flow Opportunities

Inventures 2024 offers deal flow opportunities like no other. In 2023, the event witnessed over $164M in business negotiations, demonstrating the power of meaningful connections and transactions. These aren’t just deals; they are potential game-changers that form the driving force behind the evolution of industries like health tech, clean tech, ag tech and more.

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The Ultimate Networking Hub

Investors play a pivotal role in the innovation ecosystem, and Inventures recognizes this. With a substantial 4 in 10 attendees identifying as founders and startup owners, this event is a paradise for those looking to allocate their capital wisely. Connect with fellow investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators, creating opportunities that extend far beyond the conference’s duration.

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A Glimpse into the Future

Inventures serves as the epicenter for visionaries and innovators. Sessions led by industry experts and thought leaders from over 30 countries will equip you with the knowledge and insights needed to make informed decisions and seize emerging opportunities. Access content that keeps you up-to-date, on the latest trends in health tech, clean tech, ag tech, emerging tech, and more.

Attend, engage, connect, and discover the boundless potential that awaits in the world of innovation. Join us at Inventures 2024 and be part of the transformation, the connections, and the innovations that will shape our world.

Find your unicorn, find investment opportunity at Inventures.